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shitty redneck ass town with nothing to do but go to the local wal mart and 'hang' followed by a trip to the local sheets in a convoy of 5+ vehicles

the morning after involves the realization that you just had the gayest night ever.

These towns include but are not limited to:

Note - the area you are describing must be a BURG ie - blacksburg or lynchburg
im getting the hell out of fucksburg
by LC sophomore July 29, 2008
Chill, expensive, shitty food and facilities. These are some of the characteristics that define the beloved christian school in central virginia. This love/hate relationship can be frustrating at times due to the lack of shit to do to the surprisingly easy communication with professors and administration. Smoking in the dorms to having to deal with fag-lax-bros on weekends, shitty food to cool down to earth people. The fear of finding a good job after graduation from Lynchburg College is ever present, however, alumnis are always visiting and telling you how awesome their job and salary is.

You just have to experience it for yourself.
Lynchburg College:

*conversation taking place at the local wal mart in lynchburg*

Dude, you go to Lc?!?

Na man, liberty - right across the street

by LC sophomore July 29, 2008
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