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2 definitions by LBuff

if something is innuendo-ish. in other words, if something is an innuendo, or sounds like an innuendo.
Lizzie: Put it in there, now!
Penny: Oh, Lizzie, that's incredibly innuendus ;)
Lizzie: *rolls eyes*
by LBuff June 30, 2010
when something is a compliment AND an insult, at the same time. ;)
*Talking about an ugly person*
Friend 1: "Don't worry, you're not as ugly as her"
Friend 2: "Oh, thanks."
Friend 3: "That was a complisult..."
Friend 1: "Oh yeah..."

"You can do much better than him!"
(That is a complisult because they are saying that the girl deserves more, but they are insulting her boyfriend at the same time.)
by LBuff June 24, 2010