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Normally known for excreting fecal matter upon another's chest.

Also more popularly known for the Decision of 2010, where Lebron James pulled down his pants and excreted his fecal matter all upon the city of Cleveland (metaphorically speaking), as he turned his back on the city and team which ignored his calls and plights for a stronger cast of players around him after 5 years of waiting. A very controversial issue which the Cavs will never recover from.
Guy1: Did you hear the news about the Cleveland Cavs??
Guy2: Lebron leaving the Cleveland Steamer on the city??
Guy1: Yeah, they will never be able to recover from that one

Girl1: Mike just gave me the Cleveland Steamer
Girl2: Eww you let him poop on you??
Girl1: No, he turned his back on me after 5 long years of dating, maybe i shouldn't have kept ignoring him.....
Girl2: Oh kind of like the cleveland cavs and lebron james thing?
Girl1: totally like that
by LBJ6 Lover July 20, 2010

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