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When your walking in a public place with your friends and you see a girl with nice full bodacious breasts. You wanna say something to your friends without alerting the big boobed girl, so you say "Damnnn looked at them tig bitties"
sexy big breasted female walks in the room

you:"jesus that girls got some tig bitties"

girl: what did you just sayy??

you: tig bitties, its a compliment trust me.
by LBD21 April 26, 2010
It is when you give your friends or family an excuse to get out of something by saying you need to relax, then go beat it.
Girlfriend: Heyy lets go shopping tomorrow! :)

Boyfriend: umm no i need to relax..

"Hey dude lets go fishing today"
"not today, i need to relaxtabate"
by LBD21 April 26, 2010
"Little Baby Dick"
"Dude your LBD is showing.."

"Don't say that, i know its small
by LBD21 April 22, 2010

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