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YSND: abbreviation for "yes indeed" - 1. A response when something has gone perfectly...or in other cases terribly wrong (just not for you).. 2. In the world of Hateration: What us said to celebrate someone else's misfortune..3. A crew from the Boss City
Hate update: Bert got in a car wreck while driving drunk, with a suspended license, no car insurance, talkin on his phone in a school zone with the windows down...And his phone flew out into a lake!....YSND!
by LB Da Milkman May 05, 2010
1. An exclamation of 'yes'. When 'yes' just wont do the point your trying to make any justice. Used when you feel so strongly about something or what you are trying to say is so obvious that your are almost brought into a violent rage that someone has questioned you. Should be said quickly and abruptly with a frown as to snap at the clown who dare question you.

2. Also can be used as a celebratory phrase for hateration purposes, similar to YSND, to express the utmost fulfillment you receive at the misfortune, or in the most extreme cases, demise of others. Commonly used with a fist pump.
1.Person 1:I heard they brought back the 99cent whopper at BK...you wanna go?

Person 2 (enraged by the absurdity of of his intentions being questioned): PHUKIN RITE!!

2.Person 1: Hate update: Bert was dumpster diving yesterday and got three toes bitten off by a gigantic rat....

Person 2: (celebratory fist pump) phukin rite...
by LB Da Milkman May 09, 2010
(Swig-el): noun: Meaning less than masculine Swagger.
See Kobe Bryant 'All White' photo shoot. Prime example of Swiggle.
by LB Da Milkman May 04, 2010
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