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A Cannabis Sativa dominant cultivar found in California, especially "The Valley" (San Fernando Valley).

This breed of marijuana has suffered long debates as of its origins and genetic heritage but anyone who has ever worked with this plant knows that the prized phenotypes are the Sativa phenos which are tall and lanky. These are where the real "fuel" and "chem" smelling flowers come from. Any grower or experienced enthusiast knows this to be true, despite any debates about heritage or origin about the plant. The plant is a mixed breed but is mostly a Sativa.

There are several cuts flowing around the area, such as 'SFV,' 'Ghost,' 'Tahoe,' 'Larry,' 'HA' (Hell's Angels), 'Fire,' 'Abusive,' and '818' but it is extremely rare to find an original OG Kush that hasn't been reworked. Many growers identify the 'Tahoe' and 'Ghost' as being two of some of the most close to the original OG Kush that made it's way to California early in the 1990's.

Anyone who says this plant is a kush definitely has not seen it growing and does not know much about weed because it has high THC and lower Cannabidiol than true Indicas, of which the Kush family come from.

A side note:
Anyone that knows anything about Kush plants know that these short, robust dark green and even purple colored plants originate from the mountain range stretching between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan where taller, lighter Sativa dominant plants do not grow well.
Q: Man is that shit OG??
A: Naw that is some weak-ass bullshit that the dispensary is pawning off to patients for more money because of the name but is a far cry from good OG.

Q: Hey, do you know where to find the real OG Kush?
A: _______ . (Silence)

Q: What does OG Kush smell and feel like?
A: It smells like Pine-Sol, tastes like danky-piney-lemony smoke and it hits you hard and makes you wobbly and takes your mind and body for a ride for hours.
by LA_Love November 02, 2010

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