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A small town in Connecticut that is actually a very beautiful place to grow up. Many kids complain that there's nothing to do here and that it isn't any fun, but the Bowers Lacrosse Tournament is hosted here every year as well as the Four Town Fair.

Somers is so small that rumors spread incredibly fast, but on the flip side, everyone will know and be there for you if something bad happens.

About a third of the town is farmland, and there is probably one horse to every five residents.
Nearly the entire youth population plays lacrosse, the dominant sport here. Somers Lax teams are amazing and have a spirit of unity for the most part.
The funny thing here is that half of the town is very privileged, and the other half is dirt poor and relies on welfare.

The schools are pretty great, with many smart students.
Somers is a great town!
Boy 1: So what are you doing this weekend?
Boy 2: I have a lacrosse tournament in Somers!
Boy 1: The Bowers? Man, I wish I never quit lacrosse. It's just that those Somers kids beat us every time and it was annoying me.
Boy 2: Bro, you kidding me? Bowers is the reason why I still play!
Girl: The barn that I ride at is in Somers, it's really nice there!
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by LAXBabe February 12, 2012
A Gunnar is your best guy friend. Who your in love with. He doesn't feel the same way about you, and is only into sluts. You really want to tell him but you don't want to reck your friendship. He's funny, athletic, very sexy, and just amazing. You wish he would just look right in front of his eyes and see you there. The one you would do anything for. Your love. Your Gunnar <3
I wish you knew how i felt, I don't want to keep this a Gunnar </3
#guyfriends #young love #gunna #love #lovesucks
by laxbabe February 20, 2011
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