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Often followed by the words; you've pulled, i've got a knife.
Basically, telling someone its time to go.
*Boy looks over*
Girl 1: Get yer coat, you've pulled ;)
Girl 2: Oh god, not him.
by LAAAH February 29, 2008
A suggestive msn emoticon used by laaah, originated by BFG.
Holly: Hey Annabel, you busy? 7)
Annabel: Wouldn't you like to know 7)
by LAAAH February 29, 2008
A word used when a swear word isn't appropriate.
Clean variation of twat.
-in a classroom-
Abbey you twish.
You're a right twish-ball.
'Ere, she's a reyt twish-bag.
by LAAAH February 29, 2008
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