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We born die and fight for mexico... mexican is not from guatemala or bolivia or other south america country(whos the ignorant?) we dont learn english cuz we dont have the oportunity and rights here to study but for shure charge us taxes isnt?

sadly we have to come here cuz like other countrys our gobberment sucks we dont have good economy and yes we came here to do all the hard work that other people dont want to do so our family can eat.. we are not ignorants cuz if you go to a competence in studies mexicans has better grade in school than americans ... go to a mexican school and will see in what grade you get in... we veen in so many times in miss universe and we have the best beaches in the world...we have culture, thing that americans dont have (american-indians have) and im sorry to say this but all this comments only express the envy that you guys have cuz we have a better heart and we dont care be humiliate for people like you so we can have a penny in in our pocket to feed the family cuz for us family is first than sit proud in a office cheating the wife and let your kids all them life with the nanny that yes is a mexican and the ones that stole are the alcoholic homless from here... cuz we at least sale flowers down the freeway... cuz if some police see a mexican homless they take your kids and they send you to mexico.
if usa give us a better oportunity of progress here will show you we are not ugly ignorants robers and bad people... and yea my english is poor cuz i learn it by myself.
this why war is ending the world cuz other people think are superiors...

that mexican is the godfather of my sonn
that mexican is always on time working
that mexican is sacrificing all his life to come and work for his family.
that mexican risk his freedom so he can feed his kids
that mexican dont have rights (cuz you give us what you think is better for you not for us)
that mexican has mustach and looks macho but he dont hit his wife and abuse his childrens!
by LA HIJA DE PANCHO VILLA April 30, 2008

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