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(Noun) A word, phrase or other sound spoken aloud; an exercise of one's ability to speak.
The ordinarily quiet student's loud utterance shocked his classmates.
by L33tm0nk3y November 13, 2007
1. (verb) To speak or say aloud.

2. (adjective) Pure, absolute, unadulterated; primarily used in describing abstract concepts or feelings, rather than material objects.

Contrary to what some may believe, "utter" is NEVER a noun. Cows do not have "utters;" those would be udders. No person or thing can have or act on an "utter," as there is no such thing as an "utter." The only acceptable noun form of "utter" is utterance.
1. To cast the spell, you must first utter the incantation.

2. The monk experienced utter bliss as he achieved enlightenment.
by L33tm0nk3y November 13, 2007
A verb; to make something Christmassy.
Derived from Chris Kringle, an alternate name for Santa Claus.
Found in the PVP strip for November 17, 2004.
I hate when people start kringling their houses before Thanksgiving.

"You kringled my iPod."
by l33tm0nk3y August 11, 2008
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