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2 definitions by L0ver0fY0u

To have the urge, or strong desire, to have sex with someone.
"I want someone. Someone meaning you!"
"I want you too. So bad!"
by L0ver0fY0u October 02, 2011
a unique, uncommon name for males. Darrington's are intellectual, profound, prudent, independent, allegiant, manipulative, and genuine. Darrington's get whatever they want, and almost always with no effort. They go through phases where all they desire is complete isolation; loneliness. They have this quality where their personality draws people in. And after meeting this person, there is no forgetting them. They are the most infatuating and intriguing people you could ever discover, and you'd be lucky to have an opportunity to speak with a Darrington.
Truly a god among gods.
That male is rather alluring and enthralling. Only he never seems to notice his perfection! He must be Darrington, who else could stand to be so amazing and not descry his capabilities?
by L0ver0fY0u August 02, 2011