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1.) a white female; this expression is commonly used to describe a white female who mingles amoung black males
2.) can be used as a sign of approval
"I got a snow bunny and a black girl too, you pay da right price and they'll both do you." -Terrance Howard
by L0nd0n May 29, 2006
as a verb: to trick
-to promote prostitution; to whore

as a noun: trick
-one who whores; one who is being whored

1.) "Dez tricks is mah business. Dey bring it in, den we roll it up"

2.) "I was drivin' down south junction and the 'llac was there. Nola, you know how she is. Yeah, 20 in da front for her shit."
by L0nd0n May 29, 2006
loife = life, in the language created by dumbass highschool kids sometimes know as goo mehns
loife is loife and loife is noice
by L0nd0n May 29, 2006
1) a Dutchmaster cigar
2) the product of cutting a cigar, hollowing it by removing the tobacco (leaving just the outer leaves), re-filling it with weed and reclosing it
Roll it up light it up

Roll that shit, light that shit, hit that shit, hold that shit

Blow that shit out slow, then pass it to me bro
-three 6 mafia

crack that mo'fuckin dutch masta
by L0nd0n June 25, 2006

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