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Hollywood Undead is a band thats origins are in Hollywood and other parts of LA. It has 6 member as listed here

Tha Deuce AKA Tha Producer
Johnny 3 Tears AKA J3T/The Server
Funny Man AKA King Kong
Charlie Scene
Da Kurlzz

The band is a rap, metalcore band but just because they rap does not mean these are some ghetto white guys, actually all of the members can play instruments and would prefer to play more of a rock sound which is why they try to incorpirate it into most of their songs. The only reason why they rap is so that certain messages can go out to the public through their music without sounding strange or creepy and plus as most know it is easier to rap about almost anything than it is to rock out and plus all 6 members like to sing and you cant do that in a rock band.
all of the members of HU are good happy guys and they dont think they are ghetto and when they talk about having sex all the time it is normally about prostitutes cause they rnt the greatest looking guys in the world XD hence the masks. if you listen to more of their older music it will help you understand them better and see why they are the most original and amazing band out there today.
oh and PS they arent a bunch of rich scumags either, actually after they became a band with all the expenses they lost money and a few of the members really dont have true homes, They play for their fans and love their music and thats why they are a band so say all you want but these guys are literally giving their soul up for their fans
"Im just a guy in a band with a mic in my hand
who decided to rap and fell in love with his fans."
Charlie Scene-The Natives

"We are young, but we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart"
Tha Deuce-Young

"Why cant they let me be,
Why dont i know what i am?
i force this hate into my heart cause its my only friend
my lips are sewn shut i watch myself bleed
they push and pull me but its killing me within"
J-Dog-Sell Your Soul

Hollywood Undead 4 Life
by L0n3rg4n12 July 19, 2009

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