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In the Hebrew Bible, "Yahweh" is the personal name of The Creator.
The NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE uses the name "Yahweh" throughout the Old Testament.
by L.E. Yah March 04, 2009
Rapturist: Noun. Someone who believes they will be taken off of planet Earth by Jesus Christ sometime prior to His actual return (up to 7 years ahead of time).
BOB: I'm wondering if this REAL ID will eventually lead to the Mark Of The Beast.

BRIAN: I'm a Pre-Trib Rapturist, so I couldn't care less.
by L.E. Yah February 26, 2009
Slang for The Protestant Bible, which has 66 books.
Have you read from the 66 books today?
by L.E. Yah March 10, 2009

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