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A pair of breasts which are size 'c' or above. They must be pert, not saggy, with a mesmorizing orb like quality.
"It's a real globe fest in here tonight"

"I'd like to go to bed with two girls so I can have a globe on each ear"..

"She's globetastic".
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
To ejaculate in a particularly explosive manner, thus emptying the bean bag.
"No messing about last night, straight in, both barrels, then down the pub".

"I gave her both barrels across her chin".
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
A term given to an individual who is essentially overweight and usually sweating.It is the shortened version of the full title 'Augustus Stakis' which is derived from Augustus Gloop and a mythical gluttonous Roman Emperor.
"Look at Stakis on that go kart, he's like Donkey Kong".

"Stakis had double cheese burger and chips and was still minesweeping the rest of the table".
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
To wake up after a big night out,often having slept on a floor, feeling like you've had a wash in a filthy river. Characteristics will include greasy flat hair, sticky clothes, sore throat, red eyes, spots.
"I woke up this morning feeling unbelievable River Nile".
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
To exhibit clayness is to undertake an activity, mainly sporting, with fitness and bloody minded determination rather than outstanding natural ability.

This will be exhibited mainly in aryan and Oriental races.

For true Clayness, no emotion must be exhibited. There is neither the ecstacy of victory or the disapointment of defeat, only the next contest.

To face an opponent with clayness is also very frustrating and can only be overcome with a top draw performance or a moment of shear brilliance.
"I took the ball past him three times and still he got up to kick at my heals"

"Denis Irwin has unbelievable Clayness, that winger skinned him and he still got off his arse to block the cross"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
To be bollock deep in a female or grossly overworked.
"I was up to my back knacker in a filthy hoe".

"I'm up to my back knackers in it at present"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
1)An accident prone individual (usually with oversized head, but not essential)

2) To describe a period of little activity
1) "Get a lift from nodge, you must be joking! I want to live"

2) "Didn't get up to much really, just spent the summer nodgeing around"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004

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