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a person with an awful smell. The kind of stink that smells like dead body after it has been floatin in a see of shit for 5 years.

Besides smell, it is one with with the penis size of a pen cap. Not possible to penetrate the "vag" so he resorts to sucking balls and rubbing taint.

Besides wang size, it is one with an uncontrollable gambline problem. Known to lose 100 on the coin flip of a superbown as well as lose 100 on the dow jones. One who choses the dow jones will raise, during the day that it hits a career low.

Smelly, tiny cock, gambler.
"Hey did you hear about that brandon kid"

"yeah, oyer"

"dude, i heard he smells like horse cock"

"not only that, he has a pencil dick and he gambled away his 500 dollar cock pump on a pig race at the spree"
by L-town Crew January 30, 2008
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