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ecstasy pills also known as XTC. a drug which causes things to feel good and makes you stay up most of the night, causes high energy levels, makes people speak what is on their mind. caution:may diolate pupils.
lets gO pOp One Of them jiggs

jiggin jiggin real hard

ya'll sum jiggers

she in the club jiggulatin

lets go put sum of them jiggulators on
by L mOtha fuKiN B September 03, 2006
when your mind clicks after popping off and all of a sudden you feel angry...and you stay up all night so it gets you even angrier. its a state of mind in which you become very annoyed with anything that bugs you or comes between your path of wut you need to accomplish.
Henessey, bag of dro, thats all i need im goin in BEASTMODE.
by L mOtha fuKiN B September 03, 2006

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