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A girl who can be spotted on a night out, wearing fake tan so unevenly applied and streaked that the pattern it creates resembles the camouflage worn by the British Army. This phenomenon usually appears on the legs, but can occasionally be all over.
"Were there any fit birds in Jumpin' Jaks last night?"

"Nah, just the usual bunch of St Tropez Commandos"
by L Rathen May 20, 2009
(noun) A person that sits around nightclub toilets administering soap, towels, aftershave and chewing gum for a small fee. A toilet attendant.
"Man I'm bursting for a piss but I don't have £1 to pay the bogtroll."
by L Rathen July 21, 2009
The vagina
"I got that bird home and I was going to bang her but she had a really stinky fatouche"
by L Rathen December 05, 2008

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