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In ancient folk-lore there tells a story of a goblin, struggling to make ends meet, who overcomes inner deamons and manages to fix his failing fruit stall and family life. Roblin is the name of this Goblin. He is an electric goblin and is quite a whore. This Goblin came about when the awesome wizard put a curse on an evil-doing young man named Robin. This young man was a whore most definate. Upon realising his mistakes, the now Roblin, graciously embraced his second lease on life and gave up his life of evil. He then devoted most of his time to doing good for his community and making babies. Whore nontheless, Roblin has been known to be a caring family man and loving husband.
Roblin the Goblin. Or, Roblin the *insert here* Goblin. For example: Roblin the Electric Goblin, Roblin the Topless Goblin, Roblin the Pimping Goblin, and so on.

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