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Ghetto can be many different things from where a person 1) lives to the way they 2) talk, 3) walk, or 4) do things...

1- A place that people have real low income.

2- (talk) "A yo she shakin it lik a salt shaker" translation: (movin her botty up n down so fast lik when u shake salt).

3- (Walk) Any walk that don't look lik u gots a stick up ya butt.

4- Buy doing things that a rich person would never do (this does not include people who were poor and became rich.. only people that were born and raised that way..
1: you can't make an example of a ghetto home cause they all different, but here's an idea...u walk in a home and they T.V. stand is a chair, or box..ect.

2: look at tha definition above.

3: walkin wit a limp or walkin wit a sway.

4: (Girl) A yo.
(boy) what.
(girl) Why u drinkin ya soda out the pot, u ain't washed ya cups.
by L's November 02, 2007

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