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Colloquial slang used by a small amount of South East London based adolescents meaning 'very rich'. Was first coined in about March 2007 by an Italian-Egyptian boy.
Eli: "I saw some bare bayden gash while I was listening to Still Remains on skag yesterday!"
by L! August 21, 2007
Eskimo Joe are a three piece rock band hailing from the town of Fremantle in western Australia. They currently have 3 albums out, all of which have sold tremendously well in their home country, but are yet to make any impact in other country's. They manage to gain a unique sound by combining a variety of sub-genres into their songs.
Semmens: "I like to chill out by listening to Eskimo Joe and smoking some ganja after a day in the library!"
by L! August 08, 2007
LOL (Laugh Out Loud) with a unique Spanish twist!
Eli: I'm going on holiday to Cameroon!

Me: Costa Del Lol!
by L! September 04, 2007

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