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A huge series of anime and games that is based on an MMORPG called "The World." The .hack titles consist of, in order of the 'timeline'...

.hack//SIGN ...an anime
.hack//LIMINALITY ...an anime
.hack//INFECTION ...the first game in the series
.hack//MUTATION ...the second game
.hack//OUTBREAK ...the third game
.hack//QUARINTINE ...the final game
The world of .hack could certainly be coming to us in another five years or so, when virtual reality is harnessed completely.
by Kyuubi No Kitsune May 27, 2005
Never mind the other definition. Balmung is a character from the whole .hack series. Known as "Balmung of the Azure Sky", he begins as a legendary player in .hack//SIGN, then gradutates to a .hacker, or ultimate hero, in the .hack games. And finally, in .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT BRACELET, he becomes a manager for The World. Balmung is oh-so-prettiful. ^^
"I became an administrator to protect this World which I love..." Balmung explains when asked why he started playing The World.
by Kyuubi No Kitsune May 26, 2005
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