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A game created by PixelJam that can be addictive for some, and can only entertain others for a few minutes, who get bored of how repetitive the basic game is.

Some people get into the game and don't stop until they get all the hidden super eggs, milestones, and unlock all the hidden speed run levels and other unlockables. They never realize you have to actually pay real money for the brontosaurus egg, but they try anyway.

The interface is pixelated. One may recall playing games this pixelated back in the late 80s on their DOS prompt

The objective of the game is to play as a velociraptor and run away from the wave of doom, which is the apocalypse of dinosaurs, possibly a cloud of smoke and destruction in a shock wave caused by a meteorite. If done properly, you end up in an underground sanctuary completely closed off from the world with nothing to eat in it. No wonder the Velociraptor went extinct.

You can also play online, and after the race, you have the urge to type a text bubble that says "LOL UR NUB I KICKED UR ASS" but you can't, because there is no chat. Dinosaurs don't talk. They just jump on each others back.
"I was playing Dino Run today. I felt like opening my DOS-prompt and playing DOOM afterward..."

"My dinosaur in Dino Run is dressed like Megaman!"
by KyuPoP August 01, 2008

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