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3 definitions by Kyro Shingami

Also known as I.Link, and Firewire, it is a method of connecting to the computer by cable. External objects can use a 1394 connection to access the computer, objects such as digital cameras, and external harddrives sometimes use a 1394 connection.
My external harddrive uses FireWire.
by Kyro Shingami October 16, 2004
- The state of something being the same, or having the same value

- Having the same value in measurement

- Having or showing no differences
Five is equal to five.

That boxes height is equal to this tv's height.

These two circles look equal.
by Kyro Shingami October 29, 2004
Plural form of man.
Some men came over to watch the football game.
by Kyro Shingami October 29, 2004