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14 definitions by Kym

1. A fairy of some kind
2. A friendly nickname for a homosexual person, particularly males. Not meant to be insulting.
You're such a cute little fairy bug!
by Kym February 08, 2005
to be fanoodling means to mess about kinkyly. like cuddling only better.
PARENT: now ill have no fanoodling u 2 tonite!!
TEEN:yeah, yeah.........*aside* like am gonna listen to her!
by kym December 29, 2004
a term to state somethings stupid or totally rubbish and uncalled for. this term relates to the naff side of this world
bloody hell how nafferistic is that sheep with wooly slippers on
by Kym December 22, 2004
One of many words from my everday use.
" Awe, muffin./ Would you like a hug, muffin?"
by Kym April 15, 2005
The male parental figure in a person's life.
"Mom can I go the movies tonight?", asked Kym. "I don't know Kym, go ask your Fodder!"
by Kym December 05, 2003
Best movie Tom Cruise ever did.Mystical, Magical Fantasy staring Mia Sara(from ferris buelers day off). Tim Curry plays the best Satan ever. I DEMAND you to see it.
Man did you see that movie legend That dudes horns were awesome.
by Kym April 01, 2005
A small mound located in the heart of any given desert, that the above mentioned camel may be traversing!
The withered camel slowly climbed the dry hump in it's path on it's way into the city.
by Kym December 05, 2003