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1 definition by Kyler 420

The Reason God Said Let There Be Light, He was Afraid Of Being In A Dark Room With Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris sued MySpace For Taking The Name Of What He Calls Everything Around Him

The Reason The Tide Rises Is Not The Moon, It Is The Fact That Whenever Chuck Norris Is Around, God Pisses His Pants (For Non-Coastal Areas, This Is Also The Cause Of Rain)
It Is Widely Believed that Jesus Christ Was Chuck Norris's Stunt Double For The Crucifiction, Because Nails Can't Penetrate Chuck Norris's Skin

Chuck Norris Doesn't Shave, He Just Kicks Himself In The Face, Because Only Chuck Norris Can Cut Chuck Norris
by Kyler 420 February 17, 2008