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Instead of saying "pulling your leg", you say jerking your cock to tell someone, usually a male, that you are just joking around.
Kyle: I banged your mom yesterday, Dan. It was very nice!
Dan: Fuck you, man! I'm gonna kick your ass.
Kyle: Calm down, I'm just jerking your cock.
by KyleP March 19, 2007
Being used as word to express emotion, usually as an adjective. Similar to B.S.. Can be used in virtually any situation in order to devalidate a statement.
"Sammy Hagar was by far a better singer than David Lee Roth!"
"Hagglebass...(horizontal head shake)"
by KyleP February 19, 2007
Instead of saying "pulling your leg", you say flicking your pussy as a way of telling people, usually females, that you are just kidding around.
Kyle: Wow, did you know that they are giving away free t-shirts over there?
Sue: No I didn't, I'm gonna go get one right now.
Kyle: Haha you actually believed me, come on i was just flicking your pussy.
by KyleP March 19, 2007

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