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An expression said, often in a sarcastic, humorous way. Can be used in just about any context to describe something in a nonsensical way. internets
The internet is serious business.
by Kyle2252 June 09, 2006
FAT32 (standing for File Allocation Table 32-bit) is a file system standard which used to be used widely by hard drives everywhere until the release of ntfs. FAT32 is now more commonly used on flash drives, however, smaller media like MicroSD cards, still use the FAT file system to use all the space it can. FAT32 requires 1 Gigabyte of allocated free space to function properly. In other words, if you put a FAT32 file system on a 4gigabyte microSD card, you would only be able to use 3.

The main reason why FAT32 is used on flash drives rather than NTFS is because the original FAT file system cannot store files above 4 gigabytes. NTFS uses quite a bit more space than FAT because of it's structure and therefore not practical to use on media that requires a lot of free space (flash drives, external hard drives, etc)
My flash drive uses the FAT32 file system.
by Kyle2252 August 25, 2009
An internet connection that is roughly 6x faster than regular dsl, but drops your connections 90% of the time.
ADHDSL: Don't you think it's worth it?
by kyle2252 July 25, 2006
Abbreviation for Compact Disk File System. As it's name would suggest, it is the standard file system for all types of data disks.
While hard drives use NTFS, CDs use CDFS
by Kyle2252 August 25, 2009
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