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A crazy chip the FCC is making a requirement for all TVs.
It would be wise to figure out how to gain control of your V-Chip before your parents do.
by Kyle112 September 22, 2007
Really hot females who like other females when on TV or the internet, but only exist as Rosie Odonnell and other fat ugly chicks in real life.
Person 1: Dude, lesbians are so hot!

Person 2: Yea I know, I love'em

Person 1: Oh gross those two goth chicks are making out again
by Kyle112 September 22, 2007
Where wiggers in America migrated once the punk rockers kicked their asses, they soon adopted burberry baseball hats and became known as chavs.

The native inhabitants of this poor chain of islands have attempted to drive back these invaders, but to no avail. Soon rock will be driven completely off their charts as well.
Wigger 1: Hey yo Nate dawg lets roll on over to the UK, I heard they have some Burberry hats that are off the hizzie!

Nate Dawg: Hellz ya my nigga! Lemme call my bitches and hoes and ill be right over!
by Kyle112 September 22, 2007
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