15 definitions by Kyle Smith

A female condom where you insert the condom into the cunt.
I made my bitch use a cuntom so i wouldn't have to put on an irritating condom.
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
A dicklap is when all the fat from your fatass stomach overlaps your tiny dick so it can't be seen.
Fatass patrick Kippert probably has a dicklap with all that fat stretch on his belly, and we all know he has a small zub.
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
Slang term used by people in Jacksonville meaning 'You there?'
Hey, I'm here. Are u thar?
by kyle smith March 19, 2005
Even thoug it is pretty much impossible to do, it is similar to a queef, but you fucking fart out your cock.
I was fuckin your mom in the ass when all a sudden i chiffed in her asshole. She said it felt extremely nice.
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
it means cuntfuck .
I saw sum milf walkin down the street n CF'd her fuckin hard biotch. I made dat hoe where a cuntom.
by kyle smith July 24, 2004
To have fuck with some cunt who's already dead, fuck fuck fuckin gross.
Pam deadfucked David Dixon after david choked on mayo pizza and died.
by kyle smith July 24, 2004
An insult to say to fatfuck people because they have stretch mark.
Hey Pam, why r u such a fatfuck stretch you mayo butter cunt slut.
by Kyle Smith July 06, 2004
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