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3 definitions by Kyle R

Gangs use this term when about to do a murder
Yo Dawg lets pull out that 187 on that nigga Frank
by Kyle R September 19, 2003
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An indie rock band from Philadelphia. Many say that they sound like Modest Mouse. This is especially true with regards to the vocals.

They put on a killer live show.

Kendall- Do you want to go see US Funk Team?
Kyle- Sure, can Jessie come too?
Kendall- No, she's on tour with J-Lo.
Kyle- Oh, bummer.
Kyle & Kendall- FUNK!
by Kyle R November 04, 2005
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A word that geometry teachers like to use...a lot.
I'm thinking that on this particular problem we'll use vertical angles.
by Kyle R May 05, 2005
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