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A group whore is someone who joins every single online group they see, whether they have anything in common or not or even if they don't agree with the message. Group whores usually only join an online group because they notice a large wave of people are joining and they want to be part of the "cool kids".

This applies to MySpace, Facebook etc.
Jenny has joined "orlando bloom is a cutie"
Jenny has joined "the leafs fucking suck"
Jenny has joined "I am so random loL!OLOLOL"
Jenny has joined "Cat lovers"
Jenny has joined "Irish Republican Army"
Jenny has joined "I am bi-curious"
Jenny has joined "My Chemical Romance Fan Club"
Jenny has joined "I eat off the floor sometimes"
Jenny has joined "I am a total group whore"
by Kyle Olar March 26, 2007
–adjective, crust·i·er, crust·i·est.

1. In urban context, crusty may refer to someone being uncool or unpleasant.

2. Being an asshole or total dick.

3. Someone who is horribly disfigured.
"Aw, Jenny was being really fucking crusty today!"

"Dude, don't be crusty."

"Crust it down a notch!"
by Kyle Olar March 26, 2007

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