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A small black person living ilegally in Australia who steals to survive and have food to eat. He lives on a dingy with his black dad and white mum who are both prostitutes earning hard money.
Oh look that kid's a twidi I heard that his mum fucked Billy last night.
by Kyle Mauger May 06, 2005
A cooned Tyson is a black person who has just been fucked up the ass by another negro. Also reffering to a gay black gang bang.
Oh! what are you doing to me. I dont want to become a cooned Tyson.
by Kyle Mauger May 05, 2005
When a negro does a crap a white person sticks his index finger up the black guys us. Since the index finger is not big enough to block the asshole, shit comes out which is than used to cook brownies. When brownies are ready the negro eats his meal.
Hey who's up for some brownies?
by Kyle Mauger May 06, 2005
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