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the buildup of seminal fluid from jacking off in the shower that prevents the shower from drainng.
beacuse of the fuckin cumblock the shower takes four fuckin hours to fuckin drain
by kyle m July 16, 2003
the tissue, napkin or old sock that you use to catch a nut during masterbation
if i hadn't used a cumrag then i would have fuckin egg all over my bed
by kyle m July 16, 2003
what niggas say when they want a ride home
"say dog, youcubreemeho?"
by kyle m July 16, 2003
the sweat from your gooch and balls that soaks through your boxers/underwear, and makes it annoying to sit down.
after playing basketball all day, i went to sit down and much to my dismay, i sat in gulf of swamp ass.
by Kyle M November 29, 2003
Duck butter is the sweat on a guy's balls after exercising and stuff.
"OMG dude! you have some duckbutter dripping through your pants!!"
by Kyle M November 29, 2003
Any type of sexual contact
"I got mad squiggly at that kid's house the other night."
by Kyle M July 26, 2005
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