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to be reluctantly or unwillfully placed into a stereotypical role or bad position.
1.Nigel was jimmycased into buying beer for his 16 year old brother and his friends.
2.The new kid was jimmycased by his peers as a faggot, because he had large ears, smelled bad, and actually was a faggot.
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
being unwillfully placed into a stereotypical role, placed in a bad position, or in a predicament with no clear means of escape.
Johnny was jimmycased between a rock and a hard place.

Vince was jimmycased into driving the getaway car for his friends.
by Kyle King August 25, 2004
one who insists he is awesome, when in fact, he has only 3 teeth
Johnny was the biggest superlative ectomorph in Harlem.
by Kyle King August 25, 2004
to be forcefully hit, struck, decked, or smacked by any object, not necessarily a tree.
1. While taking his morning jog, Rory was treeslammed onto his ass by a rogue labrador retriever.
2. Driving strong to the basket, the skinny Japanese warrior was treeslammed back to Shanghai by a 6 foot tall, 350 lb man named Dave who shouted, "Who's your daddy" in a loud boisterous voice, consequently chest bumping several of his buddies, who in turn erupt into arrogant, ethnocentric laughter and commence hurling racial slurs in the general direction of the prostrate Japanese tool immobilized on the ground...oh, and the basket didn't go in either.
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
a partial erection, or the beginning stages of a hard on.
After staring at Garths sister, Terry realized he had a baliwood in his pants, so he looked away.
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
a close friend, homeboy, dawg, bro, or any close acquaintance who has suddenly become your enemy.
"Manfried used to be my dawg, man...but now he's just a pathetic jeffcat. He be hangin with the Westside Latin Spokesman all the time"
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
to partake a social engagement with a member of the opposite sex while on the drug Speed. While on the date everything moves remarkably fast. see quick.
Tony and Mariela went out to the Mongolian barbecue, drove to the lake, got a speeding ticket on the way, sprinted down the beach, removed their clothing, did the deed, kissed each other good night, and returned home in a matter of 4.2 seconds
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
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