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5 definitions by Kyle JC

A girl who you think has an unattractive face until you finally see her up close and are pleasantly surprised....
"Joe dude I thought that chick was a fuckin ugly cunt, but she actually had a I can't believe it's not butterface."
by Kyle JC January 04, 2008
39 12
The chairlifts at ski areas that you can get inside of are called gondolas. People always smoke them up, hence the name "ganj"ola.
Yeah, let's make a run down and take the ganjola back up.
by Kyle JC December 16, 2010
12 0
rag or cloth, used to wipe cum on after sex or masturbation.
It was hard for me to find a swag rag after beating it last night.
by Kyle JC June 22, 2007
33 23
when you are freezing cold or take a swim causing your sac to retract
"Dude it fucking freezing out"
"Yeah I know man, I have some muscle nuts now!"
by Kyle JC April 02, 2008
15 8
When you intentionally drive without your headlights to screw with the person in front of you. They cannot see you, like a ghost. Also known as phantom.
Dude you're crazy, you've been going ghost so long I don't even know where the road is.
by Kyle JC May 07, 2008
24 28