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a backlot school in walt disney country home to the largest population of apparently friendly but ruthlessly vicious gray squirrels in the southeast. While on campus, keep a lookout for the football team... they can often be found holding their weekly fashion show and ballet class on the free-speech lawn (Usually immediately following a lost game-ie all the time). If you see the elusive greeks steer clear as you will soon either be doused in alcohol or vomit.
Isn't UCF near disney?
by Kyle J. Britt - UCF Radio Host February 10, 2005
An under-evolved version of radio used to teach Radio/Television majors how to communicate across mass airwaves. Most commonly categorized by the long silences between songs and even sentances. Sometimes funny, but mostly not.
I was listening to the college radio station the other day.

Why do they call it college radio? ... you have to listen online at www.wgkn.com
by Kyle J. Britt - UCF Radio Host February 22, 2005

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