2 definitions by Kyle Hamlett

a rude, annoying asshole who thinks he's a hardass, bitches, moans and lies about everything in order to make friends. Pissfaces traditionally will lie about getting out in dodgeball, beat up children younger than them, cry often, lie about how much they party, say weird things to women, and wear clothing from wal mart with holes in them. They're often dirty and do dumbass things like play bloody knuckles or armwrestle women.They commonly are covered in muffling. Their natural habitat includes anywhere there are cigarettes or four wheelers. When a pissface is spotted it is encouraged to yell "sit down piss face!" and throw something at them. You can pissface-proof your home by keeping ample amount of literature in the home, having a male weighing at least 110 pounds around the house at all times, possessing plenty of soap, having a brick mail box, and digging holes in your yard and covering them with a blanket with leaves on top.
Piss Face! Everyone hates you!
by Kyle Hamlett May 16, 2008
small patches of short, scruffy body hair that grow on random parts of a person's body, espcially the underchin and upper ass
Hey Brian, shave your filthy ass muffling off the side of your face.
by Kyle Hamlett May 16, 2008

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