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In the poker variant of Texas Hold 'em, Bandits is a nickname for two jacks as a player's two hole cards. Also known as Pocket Jacks or Fish Hooks These are usually played fast as they are very vulnerable to a king or ace on the board. (Coined by Kyle Campbell)
J, A, J on the flop gave him a boat. He had pocket rockets... Too bad my bandits gave me quads.
by Kyle Gene Campbell August 16, 2007
When something bad just happened, or when something has been screwed up.
Originating from the motion picture "Dude! Wheres my Car?" In the scene where the two lead characters find out that their car has been impounded their only response is "Rick..." (Rick is the name of the officer who accidently sent their car to impound)
"Rick dude that sucks."
"Mega-Rick that guy just hit my car."

Rita:"Johnny I have a confession..."
Johnny:"Whats up?"
Rita:"I'm cheating on you..."
by Kyle Gene Campbell August 20, 2007
Main Entry: Fall of Troy
Pronunciation: Fa-hal uv Troi
Function: adjective
Etymology: Suckyville, USA
1 : Of or pertaining to a band that has no motor skills or rythem.
2 : Of or pertaining to a band that has no vocal clairity
3 : To pull a "Fall of Troy". Also see "To Screw Up"
4 : To make one's ears bleed
5 : To describe someone or something as the opitiomy of all that is bad and wrong in the known universe.
"oh my God, That is so Fall of Troy."
"That band sounds worse than Fall of Troy"
"Id rather die than listen to Fall of Troy"

by Kyle Gene Campbell August 16, 2007
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