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(noun) Originally derived from a Bill Engvall CD, a dorkfish is a very strange looking fish whoes upper jaw sticks out way farther than his lower jaw. Can be used to describe people when they act as if they were this fish.
Damn, Bufford's a dorkfish.
by Kyle Farris June 28, 2003
Infinetly awesome; virtually unsurrpassible.
Roly, you are truly the most veltin dog!
by Kyle Farris June 28, 2003
(adj) Meaning very soft and squeezable; squishy.
His paws are so veltinly skooshy!
by Kyle Farris June 28, 2003
(Acronym) - General Electic Ring Climber - A brown noser; regardless of whether it is a good thing to do or not.
Don't worry what that guy says - in six monthes he will be gone; he is just a GERC.
by Kyle Farris December 30, 2004
(Exclamation) Said with expression when something wierd or exciting happens
As we drove rail-less cliff, the man screames HOLY MACRELIZE!
by Kyle Farris August 23, 2003
Brother; alternate form of dude as perceived by one of an age less than three.
I wanna play with my dudder
by Kyle Farris October 19, 2003
(adj) Extremely undesirable; absolutely the most detrimental thing in the universe.
Mom, isn't Donna Miller truly wertin beyond all doubt?
by Kyle Farris August 23, 2003

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