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A type of measurement used in association with Epicology, used to study the Value of one's Epic-ness
1. The epicosity of you shooting that guy in both eyeballs from 100ft is pretty damn high

2. A 'Sean Connery' is the maximum level of epicosity
a) Chuck Norris = about half a Sean Connery epicosity.

3. Prepare for Maximum epicosity!
#epic #epicology #sean connery #chuck norris #pwn #pwnage #pwn3ed #qwnt #epicness #unit #measurement
by Kyle Browning October 22, 2007
The scientific study of all things EPIC measured by epicosity. Often used to describe events involving someone getting pwned, pwnd, qwnt, pwn3ed or otherwise owned.
1. I am taking Epicology this semester, we will study the Tony Hawk 900, Everything Super Smash Brothers, DVD rewinder's, All Spider-man Movies, and people getting killed in an over zealous and hilarious way.

2. The fact that you did 9 full somersaults in mid-air after getting hit by a car doing 90mph and that you landed on your hands flawlessly pulling off a handstand for 10 seconds afterwards is truly a study in Epicology.

3. Sean Connery is a 5 Chapter minimum in any standard Epicology book.
#epic #study of epicness #epikology #anti-epic #pwn #pwnage #sean connery #lame
by Kyle Browning October 22, 2007
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