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The essence of not being able to be microwaved.
You wouldn't have thought it to look at it, but that damn burrito was full of microwaveablelessness.

The space shuttle Columbia was lacking in microwavablelessness.
by kyle b April 29, 2005
to turn an everyday, ordinary thing into a device or gadget that can be used for clandestine activity while still retaining its outward, uninteresting appearance.
"Holy shit! You James Bondified that biotch!"
by Kyle B January 29, 2005
Something that is so funny (or, hilarious) that the observer is wholly incapable of laughter or response in any form.
"That movie was so hi-larryous that Reginold could not even crack a smile."
by Kyle B January 29, 2005
to enter words and definitions into the urban dictionary
"Man, you should have been there, I was urban dictionizing it up! Oh Yea!"
by Kyle B January 29, 2005
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