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spoilers One of the 'bad guys' from Final Fantasy 10. He's the leader or the Guado, and Maester of Yevon. He killed his father to become Maester, and he's bent on becoming Sin and killing everyone, so they will no longer feel any pain. (Yup, he's insane.) But he wouldn't be that way if people were a little nicer to him. As a child, he was hated and feared for being a hybrid (half human and half Guado) and this emotional pain carried over into adulthood and he slowly went insane. I personally love the guy to death. He's such a sad and tragic person, and all he needs is a hug. (And maybe some medication.)
What did I just say?
by Kyd December 28, 2003
People who are homophobic.
You know Sam? He's a love-hater!
by Kyd January 24, 2004

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