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A place where the only two things one can do is sleep with prostitutes or get stoned. Cops don't do jackshit and like to spend their time at the local strip club, the only good time one can have in a town like this is at San Gennaros and that's because Long Beach kids like to start shit.

The rich people that live in Harbor Isle can get away with murder because their parents are lawyers. People get shot in the head in front of the Middle School and no one seems to think this is a problem. The town is full of Guidos that are ignorant tools and are proud of being Italian when they're only a quarter percent, and the girls are ALL whores with bad dyed blonde hair. Everyone knows everyone. If you get in trouble Uptown, chances are your mom will know within five minutes.

Our "beach" is filled with trash from when Oil City leaked and is technically a marsh. The giant hill by Peter's Clam Bar happens to be made from left over trash over the years. Island Park forever reeks of trash, low tide, and the unwashed. Our school almost sank until they figured out that maybe they should fix it. Island Park seems to have a hatred of most Oceanside and Long Beach kids for no reason. The Bar uptown caters to the lowest of the low, and the man illegal immigrants seem to think it's ok to rob other people.

Everyone cares about other peoples appearances, everyone is in everyone's business and gossips about others because their lives are so fucking boring. If you don't go to Church, you're gossiped about and suddenly become a whore who goes to Plantation Motel to make a quick buck. Our senators are hypocrites that cheat on their wives with whores. Everyone knows each other by their last names.

A lot of kids are either dead, drugged out in rehab, or are living at home when they're still 30 years old. And yet many of the rich people seem to think their town is perfect. A perfect example of ignorance and how oblivious others are to what's going on in their "bubble".

Above all else, a place to avoid unless you want to score good drugs. Otherwise you're screwed if you want to actually want to do something with your life.
kid 1: yo what do you want to do today?

Kid 2: lets smoke up

Kid 1: aiight

typical Island Park kids
by Kyai October 16, 2006

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