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The state of people knowing you have had sex. Like your actual virginity, once lost it cannot be regained. However, you can lose it multiple times: once for each person who finds out you are not a virgin.
Girl 1: Dude, I totally lost my public virginity last night.
Girl 2: What happened?
Girl 1: I accidentally let slip to Mike's mum that we did the dirty in her bed last summer.

My ex-girlfriend cracked a joke about my penis in assembly... I guess I just lost my public virginity in front of the whole school.
by Kya-chan November 08, 2010
A womanising douchebag. Changes girls from week to week, is never sure what he wants and will up and leave as soon as a new option comes along. Immature in matters of the heart, and the victim of his own indecisiveness. Tries to be silly because he thinks it's endearing, but once you know him well enough you see that it is just immature and not cute at all.

Watch out for this one - he's charming in a silly way, but he'll break your heart.
1. 'Did you hear? Bonnie got dumped!' 'Oh no! What a Craig.' 2. 'Craig has been cheating on Jess with Hazel.' 'No surprises there.'
by Kya-chan March 10, 2011
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