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to fold, flake out, not get the job dunn
steve didn't show @ practice today, he totally shirked!
by Kwistin March 16, 2005
When you laugh so hard you start to fart, which makes you laugh harder and lose control and you continue to toot along with your giggles.
Kwistin: (Laughing) Do you hear him out there muttering about Redneck Bingo? (Toot!)
Peaches: Whoa, what was that down there? Was that a butt chuckle?
Kwistin: Ya! I can't help it! (Increased giggling and tooting)
by Kwistin September 25, 2005
When someone acts in a selfish manner as if they are working on their "me goal" and is not considerate of others.
Sawa: Deb left me a voice message, rambling on and on about who knows what. I told her so many times that my Welsh lover Daniel was coming to NYC for the week and I think she totally forgot.
Kwistin: What a schmiegel! She doesn't get it.
by Kwistin September 25, 2005
to swing by, casually hit up a party or buddy's digs to check out the scene or say what's up.
tina, why don't you fall by my place tonight sometime, i gonna do a slide show of my trip to the columbia gorge?!
by Kwistin March 19, 2005
Blanket statement used to describe someone who does not meet expectations or commits a SNAFU.
Kris: Did Schmiegel go out with y'all for your birthday?
Bobs: No she totally newbed out and did a shady pass out.
by Kwistin September 25, 2005
the "at the end of the day" benefit that a person brings to the table. the features that a person contributes that makes a situation mo' betta.
pete's not value add, he just decorates the bar . . . he's tres annoying cuz he just stands there and nods his head.
by Kwistin March 22, 2005

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