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The result of pouring chocolate milk onto the vagina of a milf.
John: Hey Andrea, want a choclit milf?
Andrea: I'd love one!
by Kwing October 17, 2010
When something is both unexpected and fitting simultaneously. While most definitions simply say irony is something unexpected, no definitions ever state that there's a certain element to irony that catches your eye nine times out of ten.
Irony: When someone creates an organization that fights for the right to die with honor, then kills himself.
by Kwing August 06, 2010
Two people hugging. The brackets are the hairlines of two people facing each other, and each pair of parentheses form heads. Since there are no arms, it could be seen as hugging or kissing... Or neither. Either way two heads can be seen.
Ashley: im lonely
Joe: *hugs*
Ashley: ({)(})
by Kwing May 14, 2010
1. Used to describe something that is the most effective, most enjoyable, etc. of something. If there are three cars and one car lasts the longest, then that car is the best car in terms of how long it lasts.

2. Synonym for "guests". Mostly used in England, if somebody says that a room is "for best", they most likely mean it is intended for guests to use.
1. John: Peter's Bakery has the best muffins!

2. Tracy: Please don't play in this room. It's for best.
by Kwing June 20, 2010
A waving emote on Yahoo Messenger.
- Hey!
- Hi what's up? :-h
by Kwing September 17, 2010
A genre of music that uses sounds emitted by analog sound devices the same way techno music uses sounds emitted by digital sound devices. It uses heavy bass and is generally associated with the hip-hop genre and has received heavy criticism due to its lack of melodic definition.
That's some filthy dubstep man!
by Kwing December 12, 2011

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