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A spell that envelopes its target in green flames; however, unlike a Detonation, it is more of a burning fire than an explosive one. Useful for burning people with magical resilience, whose clothes can still burn.
"It could have been an Inferno, except that the edges around the hole aren't singed."
by Kwing October 28, 2009
A spell that creates an orb of golden light, useful for seeing in dark areas, but usually for humans as spirits have perfect night vision.
"Can you cast an Illumination?"
"Only if you want us to be spotted."
by Kwing October 28, 2009
When you learn to walk from playing Mario.
Look over there! That guy is really good at parkour!
by Kwing November 29, 2009
A blush emote for Yahoo Messenger.
- You like me don't you?
- :"> Well...
by Kwing November 16, 2010
Disguises an object, also makes it temporarily assume the shape of its disguise.
Using a Glamour on it, the jewel now became a wisp of webbing.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
Simple spell for restraining its target. Ropes are most likely made of a magical material and would vanish after its use is done. Unsatisfactory against a large group of people, as it would cost too much energy for the spirits involved.
He ran towards me, but I quickly shot a Bind at him.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
A Youtube user known for putting up short (30-50 second) songs. His biggest hit as of July '09 is his "Licking Ass Song".
Micfri and Ray just put out a new video, man! Let's check it out!
by Kwing July 13, 2009

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