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20 definitions by Kwing

A Youtube user known for putting up short (30-50 second) songs. His biggest hit as of July '09 is his "Licking Ass Song".
Micfri and Ray just put out a new video, man! Let's check it out!
by Kwing July 13, 2009
14 6
The final frontier of denial, "asking for it" is a mentality people use to justify the world being less horrible than it is. Most commonly it is used to pretend that a rape victim 'subliminally' or 'subtly' gave consent, but it can also be used in context to say someone who leaves a quarter on the ground is just as guilty as the thief who steals it of the crime, having 'tempted' the criminal or perpetrator. In extremist cases, such as a few sects of Muslim religion, some women are forced to cover their hair to prevent 'tempting' men.

Pertaining to sex, it is statistically estimated that about 1/3 men buy in Britain conform to the "asking for it" mentality.
"Did you hear about Katie? I feel really sorry for her."
"Nah, man, she was asking for it."
by Kwing January 18, 2010
57 50
Short for "Rip Ya a New One", a weapon from the Ratchet and Clank universe. A multi-shot, rapid-fire rocket launcher with lock-on abilities. Commonly known as the most powerful weapon in any given installment.
"This is about power, and what is more powerful than intelligence?"
"The RYNO?"
by Kwing April 24, 2013
7 1
Norwegian symphonic black metal band. While middle-aged people generalize their lyrics as dark and angsty, unlike The Beatles, they have the ability to cover more than one topic in a single album, including poetically challenging extremist conservative religious fanatics, the definition of morality, telling a narrative of Satan's assistant, and several more if you understand Norwegian.

Occasionally their music videos or lyrics contain unjustifiably objectionable material, but I interpret that this is their message to their fans not to become mindless followers of their band.
If you had to mass-generalize Dimmu Borgir, you'd have to call them a cross between heavy metal and classical.
by Kwing December 02, 2009
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"Hey, man, I was just on Wikipedia... They have some major problems with overcitation."
"I hear you, man."
by Kwing June 27, 2009
6 2
Movie Preview: A moving pictation of a cinematic explosion and kiss.
I was going to see Equilibrium, but the movie preview looked pretty samey.
by Kwing May 11, 2009
7 4
The result of pouring chocolate milk onto the vagina of a milf.
John: Hey Andrea, want a choclit milf?
Andrea: I'd love one!
by Kwing October 17, 2010
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