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When someone does something so singularly retarded it is unlikely to be repeated. A person who is a pinnacle of retardedness (i.e. unique retard).
Clarence just got caught looking at porn on his work computer. What a unitard.
#retard #retarded #idiot #fool #dumbass
by Kwame Beauvais January 28, 2009
To complain about someone else who complains all the time or to complain about a complaint someone else has made.
So anyway, my friend does nothing but bitch all day, and I'm really getting sick of it. Sorry for the meta-bitching.
#bitch #complaint #whine #moan #lament
by Kwame Beauvais January 28, 2009
Noun: A friend who offers blindingly honest and ridiculously logical advice. Someone who tells people the things they often don't want to hear.

Other definition: a somnambulist ninja.
I was sure sleeping with my coworker wasn't a bad idea, but luckily my friend turned Joy Jump on me and made me see the light.
#ninja #friend #advice #logic #korea
by Kwame Beauvais January 15, 2009
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