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An island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, located about halfway between Hawaii and Australia, holding a United States Army base called United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) or Ronald Reagan Test Site. The base is part of United States Missile Defense (USMD) community. Everyone there rides bicycles not cars, and they are at least one third more awesome than you are.
Everyone on Kwajalein does what you do, only they do it better.
#marshall islands #marshall is. #kwaj #kwajalien #kwajaleinns #kwajallein #kwajallien #bikini atoll #atom bomb testing #radar #best damn island in the pacific #coach farris #what about bob?
by KwajSnowman March 16, 2009
The anti-social network. Google Bounce gets between you and your friends and stops everyone from talking to each other. (fictional)
I just put up a status telling people I had three Google Bounce invites. Five people asked for one.
#fake #you've been had #there is no google bounce #bogus #boogle
by KwajSnowman August 17, 2011
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